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Employee Management

Onboarding & Offboarding Employees

Connect allows you to hire new team members in just a few clicks (3 to be precise). When an employee says goodbye, let Connect know and we will handle all the paperwork.

Complete History

Every team member’s profile contains their entire journey with your company. Including complete history on wage increases, time off requests, scheduled shifts and training completion.

Multiple Roles & Rates

You can now assign multiple rates and roles to any team member. Connect then keeps track of all payroll, overtime and stat pay for you. Hallelujah!


Scheduling on Connect couldn't be easier. As you schedule team members, your daily labour costs/hours are automatically updated, making sure you stay on budget - like a scheduling rock-star!

Features include:

  • Validate schedule against overtime, overlaps, availability & time-off
  • Save your schedule templates for easy recall
  • Assign daily tasks/routines to any shift
  • Keep track of your local events
  • Move your schedule forward in 3 clicks

Intuitive Interface

User Centered

Here at Big Chip, we pride ourselves on keeping Connect powerful, thoughtfully designed, and most importantly, easy to use - no manual needed.

Having your say

We don’t just listen to feedback and ideas, we regularly test and implement them. We want to work in collaboration with the people who know our product best - you!


Centrally Managed
Easily add and set up your company’s training modules into your fully branded portal.

Automatically Assigned
Training modules are automatically assigned to team members based on their roles.

Completion Mandatory
Review your team’s progress on completion of training modules.

Time Off & Shift Trades

No more phone calls from your team members for shift trades or schedule updates! Team mates can view their schedule and manage/trade their shifts directly from their web browser or mobile device.

Connect simplifies this process for keeping everything online and on their phone using our Web-App.

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