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Big Chip provides restaurants with in-house developed tools and reporting to increase profitability daily and expand operations with confidence.

What We Do

All-in-One Solution

If you have big goals for your brand but have been struggling to turn sales in to profits, we can help. We built our proprietary online platform to serve your restaurant’s needs. With HR, scheduling, and full suite accounting included our daily labour reports and accurate weekly COGS with full P&L you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of operations in real time!

Same Day Reporting

Timely information is crucial when making decisions for your business. Don’t wait until the end of a month or a quarter to review results. We provide a full weekly profit and loss statement versus flexible budget to immediately assess performance.

Improve Profitability

Having great reports is one thing but knowing how to use the data is what makes all the difference. Big Chip teaches you and your managers how to use the numbers to improve profitability. We also provide detailed analyses of your operations with recommendations for improvement.


Big Chip has been a crucial partner to our restaurant operations. The reporting allows us to track profitability each week and the management tools empower our teams to actively increase margins. Furthermore, Big Chip helped our managers establish routines that simplify day to day admin tasks so they can focus on operations.
Jesse Kupina
Central Social Hall

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